We are excited about our new award

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PLID welcomes Jessica Friesen

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Paul Lavoie Interior Design is very excited to intoduce Jessica Friesen as junior designer. Here is a little bit about her:


I have been interested in design since childhood. In highschool I job shadowed an interior designer and began to persue a carrier in interior design. I attended Lethbridge Interior Design program. My style is influenced by my upbringing in Saskatchewan and traveling abroad.


PLID welcomes Martin Hazzard

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Our firm is very excited to have Martin Hazzard join our firm as projects manager. Here is a little bit about Martin:

I’m originally from Ontario. I have been in Calgary for the last 6 years. I came to further my skills in renovations and new home building techniques. During my many years in residential construction, I have developed an overall skillset in all trade facets. My years of hands on experience combined with my supervisory rolls have made me confident in completing all aspects of the construction process . My wife Maui and our young son Zen have been acrucial roll in my ability to complete these jobs on time and of the highest quality. They are my love, support, my everything.

Two of the largest Real Estate transactions in Western Canada were designed by Paul Lavoie Interior Design

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This past month, two residences who’s interiors were designed by our firm, were the two largest residential Real Estate transactions in Western Canada.

Check out one of the homes

Offering a free specification package for homes affected by the flood

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Our designers’ Paul Lavoie and Julie Lanctot have put together a specification package to help people who were affected by water damage.  It is our pleasure to provide this specification package, as a guideline, for to anyone who needs it. If you or a friend require this help we can email you a specification; and have colour boards for viewing at our office.

Pitching In!

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We are all trying our best to pitch-in where we can. It is heart warming to see how many fellow Calgarian’s are doing their best to pitch in.

Tips from Paul and Doug from the front lines of the flood

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2013-06-22-16.24.26v1 - Copy

Paul and Doug wanted to share some tips after helping out friends:

1. Spare Floor Carpets and Sheets… When you gain access to your basement you may need to cover all flooring the leads to the basement, this will reduce the effects of work boots and high traffic to and from the basement.

2. Furniture Movers…Move all furniture out of the line of restoration equipment traffic to your basement; which,  may involve large hoses and heavy equipment.

3. Bins and Containers…. Tupperware bins with lips will help sort and move small items from the basement to upstairs. They stack and allow you a moment to regroup your items and keep memorable items organized until they can go back downstairs.

4.Outside debris, outside… If possible when your restoration/cleanup begins try to keep a pathway cleared outside so that outside debris is kept outside.

Playful fabrics

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Be more playful with fabrics in the Summer months; go for brighter, more colourful ones. Try some beautiful blue silks, which can immediately create a totally different, new look for your home.

Derek Chaloner, designer


Rachel’s Work term

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I am very excited to be part of the Paul Lavoie Interior Design team for my summer work term. I have been seeking a place where my design skills learned in school could be put to the test, and I would have chances to be challenged and grow; I believe this is the place where it will happen. Seeing projects in magazines like Western living, Maclean’s, and Avenue, from people I work with every day, is very inspiring, and gives me a great goal to shoot for.

Welcome Rachel

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Paul Lavoie Interior Design is excited to welcome Rachel Walstra to our firm. Rachel is in the Mount Royal University Interior Design Program. She will be working with the firm until the end of August, for her first work term, as an intern. junior designer.

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